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L.A. Fashion Weekend, is the epitome of L.A. Fashion Week events and is indicative of our turn key production expertise.

March 15th-17th, 2024

October 11th-13th 2024

Exclusively showcasing the most notable designers and sponsors, the 3-day event guarantees unparalleled brand exposure to the Los Angeles fashion elite.

Between the top-notch guest list and media coverage, L.A. Fashion Weekend reached nearly 250 million consumers per season with continued annual growth. Not only does L.A. Fashion Weekend offer increased visibility for its partners, but it also provides strategic marketing and brand alliance opportunities with some of the world's most notable lifestyle products, designers, and media outlets. Whether you have an emerging product or you’re a couture creator, L.A. Fashion Weekend is the cutting-edge means to advance your company. Attendees include local buyers of retail stores, celebrities, top tier print and digital media, registered members of the stylist community, Entertainment industry executives, and social media influencers. 

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